Multipurpose TIG welding

We have the capability to weld eg. steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper. TIG welding is by far the most versatile welding technique available to the common mortal (usually). This differs with the fact that to some extent it allows joining of different metals together. For example, Titanium can be bonded with steel, stainless steel with steel (well this goes with other methods as well). We recall that some extra special metal joints could also be made, but at the time of writing this we had not had to do those, so we cant recall what were those special joints.

We don’t have a class welder in the house, but disregarding that we still had things neatly connected together. If your structure is critical and dimensionally precise -> go to a welding shop with solid steel jig tables and years of experience. If you have any hobby-level projects or less critical repair projects, contact us and let’s see how you can help.

Welding can be carried out at our warehouse in Kärkölä or if needed at the customers premises.

The equipment includes our own argon bottle with a two-way regulator, which can be used for purge gassing when needed (ie when welding the pipe, the inner part of the pipe is protected by filling it with protective gas).

We also have the capability to carry out pickling. That is, we get rid of the myriad oxidations due to the warming of metals without grinding, at least in stainless steel. After pickling, the former brownish metal surface will look completely new, like the welding had never heated the metal. The process we use is also environmentally and employee friendly, as our substances do not contain, for example, hydrofluoric acid… which you certainly do not want to have on you at all.