Electronics testing

Do you want to test electronics?

Do you want to test your electronics or even bigger devices with us? Well, it can be done within the limitations of the devices we use. For example, we can test the operation of power supplies, signal quality, signal frequency, sensors or batteries. Tell us more about what you want to test so we can tell you if it is doable with our equipment or not.

Please note that the calibrations of our equipment base are not valid, and due to that we cannot produce any very official tests. This is mainly encountered, for example, in the requirements of the ship or arms industry. If you need test reports on a calibrated device, our devices can be calibrated, but it may not be a cheap operation and the calibrations are done at the customer’s expense. For our own use, we do not need equipment with valid calibration certificates, and therefore we do not regularly update our calibration certificates.

Our installations

  • Rigol DS1054 4-channel 100MHz digital oscilloscope
  • Micsig DP10013 1300V 100MHz differential test probe for oscilloscope
  • Rigol DG1022 2-channel 25MHz digital function generator
  • QuadTech 1730 digital laboratory LCR meter
  • Keithley 2015 THD bench top multimeter
  • Fluke 179 multimeter
  • 1000Mohm 40kVDC 28kVAC high voltage test probe
  • Metrel MI 3152 EurotestXC installation tester with 1000V insullation resistance measurement
  • Rigol DL3021 150V/40A 200W digital programmable DC load
  • Digital microscope with 200x magnification
  • Halogen lamp powered configurable artificial load 1~ or 3~
  • Tenma 72-10495 2x 0-30V 0-5A digital programmable laboratory power supply
  • TDK-Lambda Genesys+ G600-2,8 0-620V 0-2,8A digital programmable laboratory power supply
  • USB-C tester (current, voltage, USB-C PD protocol, manual PD-protocol)
  • USB tester (current, voltage, signal voltage, charging capacity measurement mAh)
  • Cable detector for locating cables
  • Digital LAN network cable tester
  • Digital sensor tester for eg. testing analog and HART sensors
  • Soldering station (Soldering iron, hot air solder, de-soldering gun)
  • Infra red powered circuit board preheater
  • Isolating transformer

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