Price list

Prices are without tax (24% VAT is added)

Designing electronic equipment

  • Hourly rate 55-85€/h

    Depends on the complexity of the project
    In larger design and implementation projects, the price is agreed with the customer on a case-by-case basis.

Electronic equipment repair

  • Hourly rate 55€/h

    + Possible spare parts

Elektroniikkalaitteiden testaus

  • Hourly rate 55€/h

Sound and light equipment, as well as presentation technology work

• In larger consultation and design projects, the price is agreed with the customer on a case-by-case basis.
• For all jobs, the minimum billing is one hour and the charge will be charged from the beginning hour.
• The billing time begins when the employee leaves Scemo Oy’s office (or, depending on his location, for example, his home) and ends when the employee returns to his / her place of departure, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Installation work 55€/h technican

    + Installation peripherals

  • Programming and adjustment 55€/h technican
  • Planning and consultation 55€/h technican
  • Equipment repair 55€/h

    + Possible spare parts

Web hotel services

  • Basic package 15€/month

    • Hard drive space 10 GB
    • Email boxes: 25 pcs
    • Databases: 10 pcs
    • Backups: Once a week, for duration of 5 weeks
    • Traffic quota: 100GB/month (Typically small sites add up to under 5 GB /month)

  • Web hotel additional services

    • Hard drive space 2€/10 GB/month • Additional domain: 2€/pcs • Increasing the traffic quota: 3€/5GB/month
    • Additional email boxes: 5€/25pcs/month
    • Additional email boxes: 75 pcs 10€/months • WordPress installation (In connection with other services purchased from us, to our servers) 0€
    • WordPress installation on client's own server 110€
    (prerequisites: SSH or SFTP or FTP and phpMyAdmin credentials... Or some control console credentials if your provider has one (such as ISPConfig or CPanel)

Registering FI domain

New domain registered on behalf of client (first registration)

  • 1 year 15€

  • 2 years 25€

  • 3 years 35€

  • 4 years 45€

  • 5 years 55€

Domain renewal done on behalf of a customer

  • 1 year 14€

  • 2 years 23€

  • 3 years 33€

  • 4 years 43€

  • 5 years 50€

3D printing


  • Plasma cutting 75€/h

    + Supplies

  • TIG-welding 75€/h

    + Supplies

CO² Laser work (Laser cutting/ Laser engraving / Laser marking)

  • Hourly rate 55€/h

    + Possible materials

Upholstery washing

  • Upholstery washing as an hourly rated work 55€/h
  • Upholstery washer day rent 25€/day
  • Upholstery detergent 1,50€/tablet

Ultrasonic washing

  • Hourly rate 55€/h

    + detergents
    Due to varying washing needs, detergents and soiling, final pricing will be done on a case-by-case basis.