We make hardware!

Passion in designing electronic appliances

Our greatest passion is to design and produce our own small electronics projects. Where necessary and possible, we also design devices for customers according to their needs. We do small batches of specialized electronics, we don’t have the PCB manufacturing capacity, but we can do assembly at the component level for small batches. If your product needs to be mass-produced, that too will be taken care of and we will help you with it, but then we will no longer naturally assemble it ourselves (automatic circuit board assembly in large quantities is cheaper than manual soldering). In the past we have been using many micro controllers in our projects, such as ARM. AVR, PIC micro controllers. These days almost all of our projects are based on 32-bit ARM micro controllers.

The picture shows a 32-bit ARM based tilt alarm made for the customer with audio, light and display alarm.

We have produced the following types of equipment for our customers:

  • GSM controlled door automation based on PIC micro controller
  • PIC microcontroller based CNC machine's control logic
  • Logging differential pressure meter, which is equipped with GSM modem and user configurable alarm functionality
  • Data logger with analog and digital I/O, GPS, and Bluetooth 4 data transmission
  • Tilt sensor with OLED display which is equipped with audo and visual alarms according to customer needs
  • These days we build most of our stuff based on 32-bit ARM micro controllers

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