Electronic equipment repair

We repair various kinds of electronics

We repair all kinds of electronics. We are not limited to any make or type of device, although we are most specialized in power supplies (and those usually seem to break down from them). Over time, we have fixed output and input modules for programmable logics, power supplies, servo amplifiers (motor controllers), frequency converters, Rinco’s ultrasonic devices and more. We even had to diagnose one X-ray machine to have a broken X-ray tube in it. For the most part, we have been working with industrial electronics to be serviced, but we had also had also a mix of consumer electronics as well.

If you get your device back in order, surely you should repair it then, instead of throwing it away.

Often, there is a logical reason for device failure, which is a result of some sort of a breakdown. After this (minor or major) fault has been repaired, the device may have long life, until, of course, somebody connect wrong things into it.

Tell as what kind of a device is in need of a repair

Let us know what kind of a device you have out of order, and in what way! Let’s see if it can be brought back to life!

Contact us via email or contact form to get an estimate of whether your device can be serviced by us. Please include at least the following details in your message: