Web Hosting-services

Do you have a complete website that needs to get to the server?
Need a domain aka web address?
Want to get your emails under your own domain?
We can help you the above!
We sell website space as needed from our own servers and in addition we also provide superior customer service.

Scemo Oy web hosting-services

Scemo Oy website programming services

Website programming services

Need a high quality website?
We offer couple solutions:

   ☭ Cheapest is a WordPress installation into our server, which allow you to create easily create your site just the way you like it. The package consists of a mere cost hosting service monthly charge.
   ☭ Average budget implementation, in which we will help with the implementation of the code, and layout related issues and possible problems. What is left for customer, is to create graphics, color schemes and texts.
   ☭ Full-service package the customer's task is to convey his vision to us. We take care of coding, layout and graphics. In addition we will guide you on how to modify the produced website’s content, if you want to keep it under your control. The costs are project-specific, so please contact us to obtain a cost estimate.

Designing of electronic equipments

We make hardware!

Our passion is to design and build our own small electronics projects. According by the demand and possibilities we design equipment for our customers as well. Among other things we have built for our clients PIC-microcontroller based GSM door automation and PIC-microcontroller based CNC-machine’s control logic.

We use the following microcontrollers in our projects:
   ☭ ARM
   ☭ AVR
   ☭ PIC

Scemo Oy designing of electronic equipment

Scemo Oy equipment service

Equipment service

During the time we have been fixing successfully our own and customer’s systems and equipments. Devices which we been have fixing various things from audio devices all the way to industrial automation devices and their components.

We can’t do everything, but occasionally we have done some miracles. Contact us by email or contact form and we will reply with an estimate about if it can be serviced by us. Please include at least the following information:
   ☭ Equipment information (make and model)
   ☭ Fault diagnosis, which will state what does the device do or not
   ☭ Possible cause of breakdown (for eg. dropped on the floor or driven over by forklift).

Check out our service prices or contact us directly!

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