Sound and light equipment installations

Do you need sound or lighting equipment for example, for one of the following:

   ☭ Conference rooms
   ☭ Night clubs
   ☭ Bars
   ☭ Restaurants
   ☭ Living rooms
   ☭ Fairs
   ☭ Festivity premises

No worries! We perform professionally all of the stuff mentioned earlier, as well as any other sound and light equipment installations. In addition to installations we offer maintenance of existing equipment and systems and according to demand we also carry on dismantling of old systems. Required equipment purchases are handled through us as well.

Scemo Oy's sound and light equipment installations

Scemo Oy's consultation services

Consultation services

Planning a restaurant and are you looking for answer for AV-equipment related question?

We  provide consulting for sound, light, electrical or presentation technology equipment projects. Your problem may be as small that you are wondering about an adequate amplifier size for your speakers or as large, that you want to have a complete plan for entire nightclub sound and light systems. If any needs from the above-mentioned kind occur, then feel free to contact us. Let's identify together, what kind of a problem or project is in question and agree on how this matter will be dealt with.

DJ services

What could it kind of festive event is, where there is no DJs? Well it’s not a proper party for sure, but from us you can get a DJ for any occasion. DJ is a living species of special kind of a creature; Indeed, it represents the animal kingdom’s few organisms that are able to adapt to circumstances and make transformation. Here are a few example of what shape the DJ typically bends to:
   ☭ Wedding DJ
   ☭ Pre-christmas party DJ
   ☭ Night club DJ
   ☭ Birth day DJ
   ☭ Exhibition stand DJ
   ☭ Promo event DJ
   ☭ Fashion show DJ
   ☭ Restaurant DJ
   ☭ Student party DJ
You can book through us just the DJ or, when required, the DJ can also be supplied with audio and / or light equipment. Contact us and tell us your wishes, and let’s prepare you a suitable concept.

Click here to open up decks and listen to the tunes of DJ Spurius

Scemo Oy's DJ services

Scemo Oy equipment rental

Equipment rental

We rent AV-equipment for eg. within the following categories:
   ☭ Speakers
   ☭ Amplifiers
   ☭ Microphones (Wired and wireless)
   ☭ Flat screens
   ☭ DMX equipment
   ☭ Effect lighting
   ☭ Instruments and their peripherals
For example if you need sound equipment for DJ/ bandor for just a singer, wireless microphones into conference rooms, light equipment for exhibition stand or something completely different; then contact us and let’s see if we can fulfill your needs. If you are looking for something that we do not have ourself, no worries, because we can inquire those things from our partners, if they happen to have those things available.

We rent sound and light equipment with or with out technician. Equipment can also be rented as assembled on the spot and disassembled after the event. If you want to go with lower costs, you can also pick up and return the equipment from us and take care of equipment assembly/ disassembly and use all by yourself.

Equipment maintenance

Did amplifier black out, did you burn speaker, did the player button broke or did the moving head cease to move? This is a probably night club’s list of all time favorite AV-equipment failures. If you have a broken audio-visual equipment, then we can get the treatment for them.

We can’t do everything, but occasionally we have done some miracles. Contact us by email or contact form and we will reply with an estimate about if it can be serviced by us. Please include at least the following information:
   ☭ Equipment information (make and model.)
   ☭ Fault diagnosis, which will state what does the device do or not
   ☭ Possible cause of breakdown (for eg. dropped on the floor or DJ red-lighted it)

Scemo Oy equipment maintenance

AV related problems or needs?
Check out our service prices or contact us directly!

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