What is Scemo Oy and what do we do?

Scemo Oy is a Finnish company, which is located in a city of Tampere, which has served custom tailored solutions for their customers since year 2008.

Our company's service range includes for eg. installation and maintenance of audio visual equipment, designing, servicing, dismounting and consulting of AV-systems. As in general, AV-equipment range consists of speakers, amplifiers, effect lights (disco lights, LED’s), video projectors, room controlling logics, flat screen TV’s, and various other equipment and cables dealing with video, audio and lighting. During our time we have been installing AV-equipment for eg. into the following places:
☭ Conference rooms
☭ Night clubs
☭ Bar’s
☭ Restaurants
☭ Living rooms
☭ Fairs
☭ Party premises

In addition to dealing with AV-equipment stuff we design and manufacture various electronic devices according to our own needs and occasionally we do these too to our customers. Our service department fixes as far as possible various audio related equipment and as well as any other equipment regardless of brand and model.

Through us you can also get a DJ-services into all kinds of festivities. Regardless if you need wedding DJ or night club DJ you can get it from us. DJ can also be delivered with or without sound and light equipment. We also do just sound and light equipment rental for example to suit DJ’s needs, bands, conference rooms or even fairs. Also acquiring equipment according to your needs is possible through us.

We can also provide hosting and web page services. We offer web page design and programming according to our customer’s needs. We can also provide hosting services for customer’s web sites on our web servers.

What is Scemosystems and what does it do?

Scemosystems is a webstore of which mission is to sell mostly various technical devices. Our product range can be described with a saying "everything starting from screws and relays and all the way to automation cells and robots". We sell components and equipment to everyone who desires to buy them. You do not need to be a company or go through ludicrous paper bureaucracy to buy from us.

Check out Scemosystems online store and make your shopping even straight away

We at Scemosystems respect green values and because of that we always try to recycle everything that can be recycled or reused. Because of this our business focuses mostly in selling used equipment and components.

Mostly our products come from decommissioned production facilities, surplus spare part stocks and dismantled decommissioned production equipments. Part of our product selection´s products are new, since we resell and import ourself some of our products.

Scemosystem’s warehouse is located in Finland, in the city of Kärkölä (Järvelä), which is located between the cities Lahti and Riihimäki. It is easy to get to our warehouse if you want to come on over to check our product selection or just to pick up your order which is placed from the web shop. Remember to contact us before you come so we know to be here, when you come over to a visit.